Security Consulting

If it's worth having it's worth securing.

Security can seem like a daunting annoyance. A have to have headache to meet regulatory requirements. In today's business landscape, with the growing cyber threats, security can not be an after thought. Our experienced team of security professionals has worked with enterprise and even government organizations to provide provide the requisite security to fit the needs of the environment our clients work in.

Security Audits

Independent, real world security audits. We perform both cyber and physical auditing for our clients depending on their needs. When the audit is complete we don't just deliver a report, we provide a path that remiediates any issues to fit our clients timelines and budget.

Some clients require continous or periodic auditing. Either for regulatory compliance or for internal security iniatives. DTEV can help here as well, with 24/7/365 options.

On-Going Security.

It's not over once the audit is complete. Security is an on-going process that requires monitoring, and iteration to ensure that your organization is rising to the challenges of todays threats. DTEV is your trusted advisor and can augment your staff to handle security issues.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project

PCI Compliance

Problem: Your organization processes credit card transactions and must comply with the latest PCI regulations
Solution: Our team will conduct an internal audit, identify potential issues, and regulatory deficiencies then present a plan to solve them.

Data Loss Prevention

Problem: Client needs to up resolution entire video library from SD/HD to 8K to future proof the asset.
Solution: Spec'd out the hardware, found the software, integrated on linux and delivered a working, expedient solution.

Government Compliance

Problem: Your organization works with DoD, the federal or state government(s), and is required to meet the requisite regulatory requirements.
Solution: Our team can facilitate a roadmap to get you from where you are to where you need to be and mentor you through the audit process.