Cloud Consulting

Leverage the power of the cloud for your project or business.

Linux can seem like a daunting environment used by scientists and trading firms, but the facts are most devices you use today have a linux core to them, your smartphone, your smartTV, your cars smartNAV etc. So why Linux? Reliable, Predictable Secure Performance.

Data Center Migration

Have a project that requires you to monitor something, have tens, hundreds, thousands of them around the country ? Embedded Linux is a fine solution for monitoring, controlling and reporting from near or afar.

Modern computing systems allow for the rapid combination of embedded devices out in the world with enterprise grade devices computing resources in the cloud that even the startup business can afford.

Leveraging the cloud for CI/CD, IoT, or a new technology no one has thought of.

Linux performs well at small (embedded) scale, and it really shines at enterprise scale. When you have a task(s) that needs automation, you can computing or graphical horsepower, Linux provides the most robust set of tools to build your project.

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Client A (Preferred to be Anonymous)

Problem: Client runs software company for medical industry, maintained 12 servers in a local datacenter
Solution: Migrated the clients application to the web with elastic scaling to provide as much or as little compute power as needed
Dramatically Reduced Monthly Operating Costs, Increased Profits, Client was acquired.

Client A (Preferred to be Anonymous)

Problem: Client had to roll out hundreds then thousands of critical sensors to clients nationwide
Solution: Utilized AWS IoT framework to provide secure managed infrastructure that would grow with the client.

Client C (Preferred to be Anonymous)

Problem: Client needed to upgrade computer graphics and video rendering farm, was facing high capital costs for a system that was only used 30% of the time but is critical.
Solution: Integrated rendering software with AWS tools and python scripts to provide an on-demand pay as you use rendering system that was tightly integrated into their workflow.