Experienced Professionals

Delivering impactful solutions for over 20 years

Clients often bring in DTEV when there are immediate challenges. We work closely with them to solve not only their current issues, but to objectively guide and educate them as to their best options in both business process, and IT infrastructure. DTEV maintains long-standing, trusted relationships with clients for many years..

Who We Are

With over 20 years of experience supporting clients from mom & pop small businesses to Fortune 500 and government organizations in multiple countries around the world, our dedicated team works closely with our clients, guiding and helping them execute on the best, industry proven strategies. DTEV is a Technology Consulting Firm that engages in the various stages of product development, deployment and production.

Our team reviews the organization’s business goals and technology requirements. We analyze the existing infrastructure and determine overall goals of the organization. Our experienced consultants will then design and develop the most appropriate solutions tailored to the organization’s unique requirements. For many of our clients, we perform end to end product development, infrastructure design, implementation, migrations, and provide ongoing support. We assist the organization in reaching its goals using proven industry best practices and methodologies. DTEV becomes the trusted advisor to our clients with our holistic approach to infrastructure design and objective recommendations.

How We Work

We first understand our client’s business and technology needs. This may involve a ‘Discovery’ phase where we tie their beliefs to facts. At that point, we design the appropriate business processes and infrastructure to meet their needs. We gain agreement internally with our client’s stakeholders, construct a plan for proper implementation, level of effort and infrastructure (hardware and software), along with change of business processes. DTEV also performs implementation on the plan.