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Phoneix 3d Printer

  • Product Overview
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  • Overview: So why did we build a 3d printer? Good question, after endless hours of tinkering with other printers and DIY kits we decided to engineer a solid reliable printer.

Freequently Asked Questions


PLA is a great plastic to start off with but we found the first layer issues and general brittleness of that material ill suited to our prototyping needs so we engineered our printer to use the common durable and recyclable PETG plastic (same plastic found in your water bottle).

Movement System

Using a combination of uStepper controllers we are able to get fine tuned control of our motors and position control, we also eliminated end stop sensors making the design cleaner, faster and more reliable.


Bowden Bowden Bowden, that is all we hear about these days, well Bowden has proven to be unreliable; At least in our hours and hours of tests, direct drive all metal for fast, clean reliable prints.