Industrial Quality, Reliable 3D printers

Since 1998 we have been working with 3D printing technologies,
and we only represent companies with the best value for the dollar

Nexa3D XiP

A Desktop 3D Printer Designed for Sustainable Performance
Ultrafast desktop resin 3D printer, a small, compact footprint with 4.8L build volume. XiP leverages engineering materials & comprehensive support.

BigRep One

The BigRep ONE is an award-winning, large-format 3D printer at an accessible price point. With over 350 systems installed worldwide.

BigRep Studio

The BigRep STUDIO G2 is a specially designed for reliability with abrasive and engineering-grade materials. Enclosed, safe, reliable thats the Studio.

BigRep Pro

One cubic meter build volume, fully enclosed for producing fullscale, large parts including functional prototypes, factory tooling, patterns and molds, and end-use parts.

Product Prototyping and Development

From physical designs to full product development. Let us help make your an idea a real product.

Proven Design Process

The design process of any product is essential for optimal results and quality. Our expertise includes 30 years of prototyping, product development, and software design.

  • Investigate & Report
    It's your vision and we spend the time to understand that vision, investigate how to make it a reality, potential and existing competitors. Then iterate from the very start.
  • Develop & Prototype
    Our engineering team gathers component options, leverages 3D modeling and design verification prototypes and establishes cost drivers and paths to manufacturing efficiency.
  • Refine & Build
    The design process is all about iteration. Utilizing the latest software, 3D printing and electronics fabrication technologies we iterate your design until its ready for prime-time.

What's the difference between product prototyping and product development? In a prototyping project we take your vision and create a physical representation of that vision including 3D printed models, and possibly electronics, design In product development we dive deeper providing end to end consulting to get bring your idea through to feasible product that is ready for manufacturing.

Consulting Services

Over 30 years of delivering solid technology solutions to companies large and small.

Security Consulting

With over 15 years of cyber security and 25 years of digital physical security experience our team can help ensure your assets, data and intellectual property are safe. We've worked to help organizations meet compliance requirements for PCI, HIPAA, NIST, SAS, SOX and now CMMC.
It all starts with an assesment of your current security posture, after all buildings aren't built without blueprints and an understanding of the site your placing them on.

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Cloud Consulting

Cloud seems like a new & obscure space our but team has been working with cloud technologies since their inception. We took companies 100% virtual in 1999 before anyone even called it cloud technology. Today's cloud technology is evolving to provide massive cost benefits and economies of scale allowing smaller organizations to leverage enterprise level computing power. Let us help design a system that works for you. Looking to migrate to the cloud? or establish a CI/CD workflow, we can help.

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Linux Consulting

Some "consultants" are merely product resellers that provide services. We've actually built Linux operating systems from scratch to meet client needs and we specialize in designing custom Linux systems for both embedded and server level computational requirements.
Additionally we provide on-going virtual IT services for linux based organizations leveraging our decades of Linux and automation experience to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for corporate systems.

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